Saturday, October 14, 2006


Boy, if I kept going down the list of medical specialties, that could probably support this blog for a month or two by itself... I'll try not to fall back on it too often.

A hematologist (or haemotologist) is a doctor that studies blood disorders, as well as blood-forming organs and blood in general.

For reasons that escape me, hematology seems to be frequently linked with oncology, which involves the study, prevention, and treatment of cancer and other tumors.

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  1. Oops, meant to say Hodgkins of course.

  2. Ah, this one where I can help.

    Hematologist - treats blood diseases (including sickle cell anemia, some other stuff, and leukemia)

    Hematological Oncologist - treats cancers, which definitely includes leukemia, but probably also includes solid tumor cancers and lymphoma, Hodkins, etc

    Oncologist (also called Medical Oncologist) - treats cancers, often NOT including leukemia but always including the solid tumor cancers

    So leukemia could be treated by any of the above, and that is where the crossover is.

  3. Good information. Thanks for posting!