Thursday, November 2, 2006


Something that is crepuscular is dim or like twilight. It can also refer to animals that become active during twilight or between twilight and sunrise.

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  1. But it sounds like a word to describe shellfish.

  2. Some shellfish are crepuscular (I assume), but all shellfish are crustaceans. ;)

    Fun experiment: Integrate this word into your vocabulary in odd ways and see what people think you're talking about.

    "What a crepuscular sunset!"

    "Don't mind me... I'm feeling kind of crepuscular today."

    Alternatively, use it as an insult:

    "That guy was a little crepuscular... He was a few bricks shy of a full load."

    The possibilities are endless.

  3. Yes, crustaceans is the sound link that my brain keeps making. I can't stop myself.

    You say "crepuscular sunset" and I picture shrimp in the sky.

    I also can't help but hear the word muscular in there too. So the shrimp -- they're bad-ass scary ones.

  4. These remarks I find exceedingly humorous. Good work everbody: I smiled today. Thanx.