Friday, July 28, 2006


"Soy embarazada" is something a man might say if he is embarrassed, particularly if the source of his embarrassment is his continual state of pregnancy and his dubious grasp of Spanish grammar.

Embarazada is the Castillian word for "pregnant". It would more properly be used in a sentence like "estoy embarazada" ("I'm pregnant") or (e perdon el Español malo aqui) "Me desconciertan para decir que soy embarazado" ("I'm embarrassed to say that I am pregnant").

It has been misused in such cases as Parker Pens campaign that their pens wouldn't "leak in your pocket and make you pregnant". It probably doesn't help that Babelfish doesn't know the difference between the two.

Just goes to show you that words aren't always what you think they are. Cómo molesto. So much for Spanglish.

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